About Us


Build Your Business The Right Way

Okinson Group LLC is a woman owned small business. With over 15 years of relevant experience in supporting federal agencies and service members. 

It’s a fact that there is a minimal representation of minorities in government contracts. That said, the director of Okinson Group LLC decided to balance the scales by offering experience-based logistics and supply chain support. The services are offered to all federal agencies and their respective departments, 

The mission of Okinson Group LLC is to go above and beyond what is currently offered in the market. This is achieved by providing the highest level of industry expertise in logistics and supply chain services. The move is designed to offer a solution to any logistics and procurement problems federal agencies may encounter. 

It’s common for military and government agencies to get low-quality services and products. In some cases, these aren’t delivered on time, or they are not delivered at all. We step in with a solution that ensures all products and services are of high quality, affordable, and delivered on time.